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Want to join a tribe of amazing, creative and passionate women? What about a tribe of women who are serious about living their best, most fulfilling lives?




You deserve to live your most creative and fulfilling life. For reals.


We all experience tough times, sorrows, bullshit and heartbreak, but that does NOT mean that we have to remain in a chaotic inner state. 


We all have the power within (BELIEVE IT!) to find that inner peace and balance. I know that sounds super cliche, but shit, it's true. I'm rolling with it. 


As creatives (and especially multi-passionate creatives..... *ahem* *cough* ME), it can be super effing hard to find that balance or inner happiness among the turmoil. 


BUT... IT IS POSSIBLE! You just gotta trust me on this one.


You can abso-effing-lutely live a fulfilling, dreamy, and glorious life- and with the help of a creative practice, methods to find peace within, and ways to get inspired, you WILL find your inner superpowers

So, doll.... what can I help you with?!